Whatever your preferred shooting discipline, professionals, stalkers, target shooters or new to shooting, our unique rifle range facility based in Wales is the place to practice, train, or just have a fun day.

The 5000 acre unique rifle range facility is discreetly located in the wilderness of the Welsh Cambrian Mountains where you can shoot a variety of steel targets from 50m to 3km, using .22RF to .50 calibre.

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We use a variety of steel reactive and explosive targets. Shooting steel is an unforgettable experience with instant feedback you simply don’t get punching paper targets. The learning curve is steep and you’ll be amazed how quickly you will learn to read the wind, and ballistic curve of your chosen calibre.

We offer far more than the average rifle range, including incline shooting, water signature and the finest topography Britain has to offer.  We now have up and running, hot to trot, our new running boar moving target system.  It has an upgrade of variable speeds for our novice and experienced shooters.

We now have a variety of new rifle systems including the Desert Technical Arms in both .308 and .338 multi change barrels.  A truly awesome piece of kit.  We also have a Brock and Norris custom built rifle in .308.  These are in addition to our stock of Howa and Remington range rifles. Most of our rifles come equipped with Kahles, Schmidt and Bender rifle scopes.

To enhance your day and help those less mobile, we have invested in a 6 seat Polaris to help get you to those more exposed areas of the range in comfort, style and sophistication.

Our base at “Shackleton Hut” has a roaring log fire to welcome you as well as hot drinks throughout the day.

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